Drooling.  Delicious Brunch.  In Shanghai.  With coworkers. PIcture is the roasted chicken meal that I had.  Came with fries, salad, and eggs.

Delicious. Drooling again.  Looking at the pictures. Hungry.


Yep, Tomatito is my favorite brunch place in Shanghai.  You probably should get reservations, but we were lucky.  We didn’t and we still got a table. I will probably make reservations next time.


2F, 99 Taixing Lu
(near Wujiang Lu)
Shanghai, China

They really should post the chinese address because the cabbies, on the most part don’t know english.  Stop complaining Munky.

I also ordered beer.  Ok.  I need to complain.

Beer so small….WHY


No that is not an Iphone 6plus.  It’s a iphone 5S. Yes.  This is what they called a pint -.-.  moving on.


Pork belly mixed with egg =)  So good… this tasted like that spicy fish dish that we had last night, at a Shanghai restaurant.  Only this was not in Shanghai restaurant. So good.

Oh I forgot to mention, this is a “sexy tapas” restaurant.  I am not joking lol.  Take a look at the website.  They advertise everything as “sexy”.

Well sexy is good for me.


Also ordered potato croquettes.  But forget that, the meat balls  (at the back) is what I want to focus on.  The sauce was goooooooood.  I drowned my bread in the sauce just so that I don’t waste any of it.

I usually don’t like to eat much Shanghai food.  And this is one of the reasons.  There’s so much good non-shanghai restaurants around!!!


The bar also looks awesome!! I want a bar like this in my future house!!!

Written from Hong Kong,Home on April 3 2015


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  1. How do you do it? How do you find such delicious looking food? And what’s more make me who hates to eat early in the morning, have my stomach growling at 5:30a? UGH! You shall rue the day delicious picture, LOL!

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