This place is beautiful! Don’t ask me how to get here because I hired a driver!  Just hire a driver! Okay too excited.  This crater in Jeju is one of the more popular destinations, and was formed because of an “Hydrovolanic Eruption”.  I have on idea what an “Hydrovolcanic Eruption” means.  I only know the normal Europtions.


There’s quite a bit to do here.  I would recommend checking out what the times for the “women mermaid” show here.  Women mermaids are women that went out to sea to catch seafood, without the aid of any oxygen tank.  The story goes that all the men got really lazy to fish, so the women took the job instead.  I am not joking that’s I read.


So yeah, the women mermaids would do like a little chant before heading out to sea.  You can watch them swim and catch various sea animals (sea things? Wildlife in the sea?).  Not sure which terminology to use.

After you’re done with the show, it’s time for the big attraction! The crater! Simply walk up the stairs.  It wasn’t too hard in my opinion, just take your time.  Initially it might look as if it never ends, but I think it only took us 20 minutes or so to go up.  Once you’re up, you get a great view of the crater….and of course the scenery below.  I heard that the sunset (or sunrise?) is really pretty here, so if you are a romantic give it a try??

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 28 2015

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