I guess we were feeling like ballers one Saturday afternoon, because we decided to go to the fish market to have some seafood lunch!  One of the biggest and most known in Sydney, this place is full of people (especially during the meal hours).  You can find more information including the address on their website.

Yeah I know, I am getting lazy with typing out information.  But really I am just copy and pasting, you probably better off just looking at the site in it’s entirety.



So what did we eat? Well instead of going through the details, let me show you a summary first:


That’s right. We ate this.

Sashimi. Check.

sushi. check

Fish and chips. Check

Prawns. Check

Oysters. Check.

Oh, and of course how I can forget the lovely scallops with melted cheese (see first photo).  Probably my favorite dish of all, but it was quite heavy.  Wasn’t able to eat dinner for the whole day.


This is a lovely area to have a Saturday lunch / brunch, as it has ample seats for you on the outside, right by the harbor.  Be forewarned through, the birds are damn aggressive.  I saw a couple of birds that literally tried to take a swipe at people’s food while they were walking.  You need to just yell at them.  My theory anyways.  Make them scared of you.  Make yourself the alpha.



There are a lot of restaurants in the fish market, and we’ve only tried about 3 of them.  Must. Go. Back!!!!!!!!!

Written from Sydney, Four Points on June 18 2015


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  1. The sashimi looks delicious! I am a big seafood fan so I will need to remember this for my next visit to Sydney!

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