My first private kitchen experience! To be honest, I imagined a private kitchen experience would be me eating in the living room of someone else’s home.  How wrong was I.  Chef Studio by Eddy is located at Aberdeen, which is quite a trek for me since I live in the New Territories.



I wish I had enough money to buy on the island sigh..oh well.  Luckily there is a bus that goes from Causeway Bay to Aberdeen, (I think 4A, but don’t quote me on it).   We being tourists in Hong Kong of course overshot our location.  Had to walk back for 10 minutes, and this was when it was a T3 store (i.e. strong winds).  My hair was so messy.

Once we got to the industrial building, I was like how do we get in because all the doors were locked.  And it’s not like I know the entrance code to every industrial building in HK.  If I did it probably means I own a big company, which also means I would have had a driver that would get me there directly.

Anyways, we could not get in.

So we call the restaurant, and yes of course we had to walk around in into the parking lot to get in.

The restaurant was nice, small, and quiet.  The food?  Pretty good! My favorite was the lamb (first picture) as well as the Salmon:

Like all fancy places, the portions were not big.  But what they lack in size, they make up in quantity.  It was a full out 8 course meal.

And you know what else is awesome? Free corkage fee.  Next time we need to bring like 10 bottles of wine, we finished our one and only bottle in 20 minutes.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 5 2015


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