It was a holiday in Hong Kong (There are a lot of holidays in Hong Kong actually) and I wanted to make sure I make the most of it, and not just stay home nad play video games. I have been playing a lot of video games lately, just so relaxing and don’t need to think. But..yeah..I really need  to get out more!

We had a movie date (watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – great movie), and obviously the movie time was at 10AM because we old.  With the rest of the day empty, we decided to pay a visit to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanic Gardens. Super easy to get here, just walk up cotton road (after getting off Admiralty MTR station exit b) and you will see the signs that points to this place.  Keep walking till you see this sign:

#hkig #hongkong

It’s about a 20 minute walk from the station, and it’s uphill. So prepare to sweat like crazy. Feel bad for the life boss because her foot is still healing so probably wasn’t the best idea to do this on that day. MMMMMM…

#hkig #hongkongThe entrance of the zoo has an arc that is dedicated to the people that died during the world wars.  Respect.#hkig #hongkong

Upon entering you will find this big ass water fountain. Pretty cool. Also a lot of people were just chilling around, people in Hong Kong tend to do that I find. Just chilling in the parks. I mean it was pretty humid and hot that day, if I wanted to chill I would stay at home with my awesome kick ass air conditioner. Yep.

#hkig #hongkong

#hkig #hongkongMain attraction of this park? The monkeys! Saw a lot of different kinds of monkeys. I love monkeys. So carefree, they love to play, they are social, so active. But yeah…I feel kind of bad for these animals…stuck in these small ass cages when they should be roaming in the wild.

I don’t know, what is better? Leave them out in the wild with a high chance of them dying? Or have them in cages, take away their freedom but basically guarantee their safety? Now there’s a thought to ponder about.




#hkig #hongkongHere’s life boss posing like the orangutan haha.

#hkig #hongkong

Tortoise! We also saw big ass tortoise! Crazy! These guys walk soooo slow too hahahaha…..they shell of theirs must be super heavy…if I was carrying something like that around constantly I would be so built and all the girls would flock to me =)

#hkig #hongkong

#hkig #hongkong

#hkig #hongkong

This is a great place to kill around an hour. I don’t think you need to stay any longer plus you will probably be feasted on by the many mosquitoes around the area. So plan accordingly!

Oh, one more thing. IT’S FREE!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 4, 2017


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