Hong Kong


Was working from home one day,

So decided to try this restaurant called Pokka Cafe because it was near home (duh). They call themselves the “Grill Specialists”. Realllyyyyy? Wow that’s some big ass statement you are making there.  So fine I will give you a try.

The results?

Fuck this shit ain’t never coming back.

I ordered the set lunch which consisted of a german sausage and a grill chicken steak.  There was no flavor in either meat.

I guess presentation wise it’s 10 / 10. Too bad the quality and taste is 1 / 10. And this shit costed 122HKD man screw that!

The set lunch also came with a soup but it’s also nothing special to rave about.

I decided to also order a drink to go along with my meal.

Because why the fuck not. I was told to choose between chocolate milk and some random ass lemon tea drink. Hit me up with some chocolate milk yo.

The following that occurred:

The soup came. No chocolate milk.

The chicken breast / sausage came. No chocolate milk.

At this point I asked the waiter errr..where is my chocolate milk? In a very not nice manner he said “it’s on its way!”.

okay, maybe you are having a bad day. Sure.

After I finished my meal my drink still had not come. So I told the same waiter to get me my bill and cancel the chocolate milk. He’s like oh! but it’s coming now. What the fuck? Does it take your restaurant 30 minutes to make chocolate milk? How the hell is it possible that the meal and soup came before the drink? Don’t lie to me asshole. You guys forgot my drink.

Drank half of my chocolate milk and I stopped. Why? Shit was bland as a motherfucker. So diluted. Man come on…you forget, lie AND You still come up with a shit product.

Pokka Cafe. The not so specialists in Grilled food, terrible service, and shitty chocolate milk.




No flavor meat



Bland Soup
The forgotten chocolate milk



Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 29, 2017

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