Hong Kong


Life boss sometimes surprises me with her ideas.

After a long ass week at work, she surprised me with a super good / cool spa experience at the Mira Hotel in TST. Didn’t take much photos there so can’t blog about it (it would have been naked pictures of me).

HOWEVER, what I can tell you is that after the massage treatment, we were SUPER HUNGRY! Guess the massage worked wonders right?

For whatever reason, life boss was craving mexican food. So after some googling we decided to go to Caliente. 

Firstly the negatives.

Service is absolutely horrendous.

We came a bit early, and a person (whom I think is the manager) stared at us with the face of “wtf are you doing here”.  We told her we wanted to dine here and she simply said “not open till 6”.


But we were hungry so we walked around for 10 minutes till they finally opened up.

We knew what we wanted to order.

TACOS TACOS TACOS.  Add two more to that because we got 5 TACOS!

And if you think that’s a lot you are absolutely wrong because they were small as fuck!

We got two chickens, two porks, and god knows what the last one was. I wasn’t that impressed with the tacos, dry as a motherfucker.



Then came our next dish which was the burrito.

The burrito did not look like a burrito.

Looks like lasagna to me! Despite the weird look, this shit was delicious! Definitely th w inner of the night.



If not for the shitty service I would say this is a must go to restaurant.

The server did not smiled at us. Not even once. Don’t know if she was having a bad day but it also dampen this experience.

This could have been so much better.

The food is not bad, but the service is horrendous.





Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 17, 2017

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