Hong Kong


I don’t know why MEXUS is not listd as a top Mexican restaurant on the internet.

Seriously, I’ve been to Caliente, Coyotes, where both have been listed as a top 10.

Err no.


MEXUS, my friends is the Mexican restaurant that YOU should go to. Fuck these other review sites.

And if you don’t agree with me, then fuck you too!


But Choi, MEXUS is a cross between American and Mexican, maybe that’s why it’s not listed. 







  • My cocktail drink: some sour shit that the waitress recommended. What? ProbleM? Just because I am a man doesn’t mean I can’t order some girly drinks yo! Not bad this chick drink too. Untitled
  • Next came our starter. Taco chips with fresh guacamole. ..probably the only disappointing dish of the night. Wasn’t feeling the guac. It just wasn’t…”guac enough”…if that makes sense Untitled
  • Next up, the crab cake. GOOD AND FRESH. Just fucking awesome. Untitled
  • Then we ordered jerk chicken. This is when I got confused. Isn’t jerk chicken a Jamaican dish? Huh? Jamaica is not part of Latin America is it?  Let me google this shit right now. Yeah, no it’s not. It’s part of the Caribbean. So why the hell did they serve this shit here? So it’s a cross between Mexican / American / Jamaican?I don’t know…..Whatever. Still had it. Still good. UntitledUntitled
  • The next motherfucker I thought at first was steak. What it’s not? IT’S OCTOPUS?? Usually Octopus is tough as hell. However, this one was not. It was very tender, didn’t have issues chewing it at all. So that is a really good sign this chef knows what they are doing.Untitled
  • MY FAV DISH OF THE NIGHT? Le Mac and Cheese! With some truffle on top. You can’t mess this shit up and thankfully, Mexus did not mess it up. I can eat this all day.Untitled

So I guess this place is more American than Mexican..haha, should change the title of this post. Whatever, so delicious.

For whatever reason, we were still hungry after devouring the above food (I KNOW).

So we said fuck it, let’s order more food!

  • Ordered the corn cob (full of cheese). Don’t really dig cheese on my corn cobs but they can do worse (i.e. this shit place in Seoul).Untitled
  • Chicken wings. Damn delicious chicken wings. Fried just right. We devoured this within seconds as well. Untitled
  • Steakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Good steakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Untitled

By now I am suffering from meat sweats, itis, and experiencing a slow down in motor skills.

I needed to rest.


But then some smart ass uttered these three paintful words:

“Let’s have dessert”.



Alright, two more desserts here we go.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie on a skillet pan with ice cream…..man…so good…so good. Untitled
  • Churros because why the fuck not. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Perfect. Untitled

Awesome dining experience.

But the amount of food we ordered was quite embarrassing.


I felt so fat afterwards. Need to jog 100000 hours to lose some weight on my fat ass.

MEXUS, this needs to be listed somewhere on the internet as a top Mexican restaurant!!



Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 23, 2017

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