Hong Kong


Life Boss made a reservation at this awesome Thai Restaurant called Krua Walaiphan.

And it really was awesome.

Its just my stomach has not been cooperating this month, fuck pain every week.

Regardless, I decided to tough it out because I wanted some damn good thai food!

For that meal we ordered the chicken, morning glory, and red thai curry with rice.

I also ordered red wine and Coconut Water because my tummy was dehydrated like a fucker.

Think there is something inside me that is sucking all the liquids.

Anyways, I survived and had a really good meal here!

Don’t let me illness deter you from coming here.

It’s a really good restaurant, and of course another good reservation made by life boss! I do feel guilty though that I was sick again for dinner. Life Boss was not impressed.

Okay! Gotta be more healthy!

Go thai food!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 4, 2017


Delicious Chicken
Can’t go wrong with Morning Glory
Red curry
Another picture of the chicken =)
Our table full of food
Entrance of the restaurant. Can’t see the name because of the damn light.


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