2018 Ponders


Feb 1 – wow already Feb

Feb 2 – life boss went partying. I went to sleep at 11. Its a friday

Feb 4 – threw up like three times today…

Feb 5 – dodgeball is a great movie

Feb 7 – watching starcraft 2

Feb 11 – Drank A LOT

Feb 12 – Life boss is good at packing

Feb 13 – back in toronto!

Feb 17 – Happy chinese new years

Feb 19 – Black Panther was awesome but all star wings you are so slow

Feb 20 – Going back to HK!

Feb 22 – ready for the grind

Feb 24 – great hotpot with friends

Feb 25 – to shanghai…whatsapp may not work

Feb 28 – Fuck you China. Firstly Shanghai train customs took my hair spray away (First time I went in nothing happen. Only second time. Talk about no consistency.

Secondly fuck you taxi driver. You took us in, only to have us wait for you to pick another customer up fuck you. I got in so late.

God I hate Guangzhou.

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