Hong Kong


Lei Lo Mei!

haha..that’s actually a bad word / phrase in Cantonese. That’s why I love the name of this restaurant. Creativity is lacking nowadays for restaurant names. This one, one of the best that I have seen so far. Okay, that’s enough love for the name Lei Lo Mei. We came here with some good friends, hoping to get some good food, possibly at a reasonable price.

What did we get?

Good friends. Good food. Not reasonably priced =p.

Firstly, we ordered A LOT OF FOOD.

6 dishes plus 2 desserts for 4 people.  I was sooo stuffed afterwards. Wanted to sleep right after. Thank goodness I didn’t drink any damn wine, because for sure I would have been knocked out.

Okay so let’s talk about what we ate.

  • First up, the pineapple burger. What a creative dish! Man I really miss a pineapple bun. Haven’t had this in awhile. Unfortunately I gave most of it to Life Boss. Really strict on my low carb diet right now.Untitled
  • Pretty sure this was the meat dish. Unfortunately I don’t remember much anymore..haha!Untitled
  • Fried fish which was sort of like calamari. Not bad, not bad. Untitled
  • Ate the noodles dish where you are supposed to drown it with the sauce / soup. I didn’t have it (carbs again), but was told it was average only…Untitled
  • I totally forgot what this dish was. Ask life boss please. Untitled
  • Tofu!?Untitled
  • The last dish that came was a pretty kick ass chicken stuffed with rice. I didn’t eat the rice inside but the chicken itself was damn super juicy. AND THERE’S A FUCKING ABALONE ON TOP. SHITTTTTTT.Untitled

Yes we ordered a lot of food. But because we are damn warriors we ordered dessert as well, which had a pretty cool presentation. Aka they hadded hydrogen gas to it so provided a smokey effect.  Cool cool.


OKAY. So food is GOOD. But it was damn expensive. Total bill came to about 2500HKD?

Don’t think I will come back considering I wasn’t blown away by the food.

I am just cheap though so if you like the pictures here then go for it!

Cool decor
Funky Interior

Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 4, 2017

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