Couples Therapy 09. Aim

Life Boss says:

There is a very important topic I have been wanting to bring up for a while now. I think its time. Why do (some) men miss the toilet bowl when they pee?

They say practise makes perfect. People urinate 6-8 times a day on average. This means an adult male would have urinated close to 80,000 times by the age of thirty. Surely that is sufficient time to practise your aim.

OK ok, we all make mistakes once in a while. But why doesn’t it get cleaned up when it is still easy to wipe away. Instead its left there for the next person to clean and more often then not, the liquid congeals (ewww).

This is not really up for discussion. This is a request. Please aim better and clean up after use.

Choi says:

Haha. Firstly because guys are lazy beings. We pull our pants down and just let it fly. Or let it flow. Let it rain. Whatever.

We are also a lot taller than a normal toilet so you know…it’s harder to aim even though the toilet bowl is huge as hell.

But imagine holding a jelly gun that is flapping everywhere and you are trying to aim, its hard you know. It’s like trying to do your nails with jello.

And in regards to why we don’t clean, refer to my first point.

At least we don’t miss when we shit, so count your blessings.

Life Boss says:

Look at it from this way… how would you like it if you find evidence of ‘that time of the month’ in the bathroom?

Choi says:

I be like “ah that explains the craziness lately”.


  1. Ahahahaha..damn I love your blog 😂
    First of all the design, and feel of the website is very elegant. Your views on food and other things are honest and sometimes hillarious…
    And I initially thought you were a girl, cause of your name, but after reading this post, I understand you bro 😁

    We boy’s, men, are verrry lazy. Cool replies!

      1. no . not when you sit down all the time. go in for a piss but maybe get a shit session in.

      2. This is true. Hit two birds with one stone. Life boss refuses to reply to these comments for everyones information.

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