Got sick again this day.

But nothing was going to stop  me from going to this winery in Bovec!


We had to order set lunches, and all our dishes had to be the same.

So it was a total bitch trying to agree on what to order. But in the end we got delicious food which is what really matters!

  • Proscuitoo ham! can’t go wrong with this. So fresh!image
  • Some complimentary shit.image
  • I believe this was the pork belly (ask life boss again please). so good off the bone!) Though I couldn’t really finish it because I ws sick as fuck still had a piece aand it as good. image
  • Souppp!! Nice delicious soup good for me and I am sick!image
  • Finally dessert. Didn’t have it. There was milk in it. image

Love eating at wineries! Of course we ordered white wine. so goood!image

Written from Toronto, Home on July 21, 2018

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