Prince Edward County


Life boss says this is one of the best breakfast cafes in Prince Edward.

And she is usually right. So I did not argue with her about this one. Just went with it. You also tend to learn you should agree with your female counterparts on all things food. We arrived at Enid Grace Cafe around 10 and it was SUPER packed already. That’s always a great sign right?


I contemplated over the menu for about 10 minutes and finally decided on a chicken sandwich. It was damn delicious. Life boss ordered the Ham and Cheese. Come to think of it, not sure why I didn’t order the Ham and Cheese. It’s usually an automatic order for me. Can’t go wrong with Ham and Cheese. Mm…that should have been a ponder for me.

One weird thing about their ham and cheese – they add apples to it? mmm..that is an interesting combo.




One funny thing to note from this experience. They asked us if we wanted to sit in the patio or inside. I LOL’ed because duh no shit we want to sit outside, it was a fucking nice day. Don’t ask the obvious question please. The question you should be asking is how the hell am I going to find a seat in your small ass patio.

Despite this one little hiccup, the cafe was definitely good and I recommend all to try!

Written from Toronto, Home on April 1, 2019

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