Ah. The last meal in Ottawa before we headed back to Toronto.

Life boss finally stopped getting mad at me and started to plan our meals again. This meant no more shitty meals! She did try to make me choose a restaurant, but because I am smart and knew it was a trap I said “No! You decide”. So glad I did because we were able to have an awesome brunch at Chesterfields!.




Quick tip.

This restaurant is super popular so you better come early or you are going to have wait a LONG, LONG time. We learnt this the hard way. Arrived at 1130, didn’t get a seat till 1230. Or at least that’s what I thought. It felt like an hour. I didn’t take time so don’t quote me on this. Just know you are going to have to wait. But it is worth the wait if you ask me. The food here is damn good!

Our first dish was the blue berry pancakes.

Not the best pancake that we had, but wasn’t too bad either. It was a great starter to share, even though that was not our original intention. We wanted to eat this last but the kitchen fucked up and it came first. Sure. Let’s eat some maple syrup!


Life boss ordered the chorizo sausage special. Mix of eggs, avocado and some spicy sauce. Her dish was really good. I really liked it. I was quite jealous of her dish. She also added mac and cheese to her main. Damn. That mac and cheese was also good. I haven’t had good mac and cheese for awhile now. Though I thought the noodle was quite tough, but life boss said it was good so I didn’t argue back.




I got the Jerk Chicken Benedict. Jerk Chicken = My favorite! Mixed with eggs and Avocado + sausage and bacon? YO! You got me man. What a perfect combination. Pure protein, low carbs. Just how Choi likes his meals. Even though Life Boss’ dish was slightly better, mine wasn’t too shabby! The portions were also quite good, seeing how they gave me three pieces of sausages. Usually these places only gives me one. Maximum two. But three!? Alright! Got my moneys worth!



I drank a shit load of coffee in this one sitting. I don’t know why. I have been in a coffee craze lately. Only on the weekends though. I don’t drink it during the work week, feel like I don’t function well. But when I drink it on the weekend, I feel so relaxed! Okay, this really has nothing to do with the restaurant. I just wanted to share this craze with you all.

In summary, if you are looking for a nice gastro pub or a great brunch place, I definitely recommend this restaurant. So good! Just come early to avoid the line ups.

Written from Toronto, Home on May 20, 2019

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