Lunch time in Stouffville!

I must say, there are more cafes and brunch spots in Stouffville Main Street than probably all of Markham combined. Or maybe we should just don’t know where to go in Markham. We live at the edge of Markham so there’s literally nothing here. Whereas as Stouffville Main Street is just 10 minutes away so yeah we tried it out.

The first place we saw was this cute little place called Mainstreet Bakehouse and Eatery. It was a decaf kinda day so that’s what we both got (I got oak milk instead of regularly milk though, love oak milk!).

For food I got the cheesy chicken sandwich. I thought it was a burger, but actually its more like a chicken salad with bread and cheese. I did order side of salad instead of fries so maybe that’s why it felt more like a chicken salad. Regardless, it was DAMN GOOD. Life boss got the brioche sandwich (forgot what was in it, probably bacon and egg). She said it was good. We topped it off with a chocolate chip cookie because why the fuck not. It was soft, nice, but they could have warmed it up for us.

I also saw other tables eating the breakfast poutine. it looked sooooo good…we must try next time..what a great lunch.

Where you order
My cheesy chicken sandwich
Breakfast Brioche
Decaf Coffee

Written from Toronto, Home on September 20, 2020

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