My buddies were all saying Jatujak has the best, most authentic thai food in Toronto.

Okay, maybe not Toronto. They specifically said uptown Markham so alright. Best thai food in Markham?

Well let’s give it a try.

You may be wondering, why the hell are we suddenly eating Thai food.


It’s the anniversary of life boss saying yes to me. And we did this in Thailand.

So naturally, we will eat Thai food. Plus it’s been awhile since we got good thai food so why not give this place a try. Of course because of stupid COVID, we once again had to order take out. Damnit!

I got the Green Curry Chicken because I was really craving curry. This was a mistake as Life Boss got the pad thai which was SO GOOD. Ugh, hate it when life boss orders something better than me.

We also ordered the tom yum gong soup, thought it was a bit salty to be honest. So minus one point there.

Overall though, really good meal. Will come back for the pad thai, and maybe try the mango sticky rice?

We will try to eat Thai Food every Feb 23!

PS – i should have tried to enhance these photos before uploading……..

Pad Thai
Mah Green Curry Chicken


Written from Toronto, Home on Feb 24, 2021

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