I did not know Burlington was part of the greater toronto area.

Why does this matter you ask?

Because I thought I could start a new category in my blog! Seriously, getting tired of every single post being tagged as “Toronto”. Getting kind of stupid. What also is stupid is that I did not know Burlington was part of the GTA.

But why was Choi even in Burlington?

To take my client out for lunch of course!

Yes ever since the regions opened up, I have been texting a lot of my clients to have lunch. Many were up for it. I think mostly because people are just so damn sick of staying at home, they just want to go out, see people, have fun, eat a meal etc.

At least I feel like that.

So yeah, went all the way to Burlington to eat the Chop Steakhouse.  First time coming here, had good reviews online + was recommended by my client. Can’t go wrong right.  Sat down, ordered a beer because why the fuck not. Asked the waitress what I should get, and she said “Well you are in a steakhouse…”

Fair enough.

Give me a sirloin please, medium rare. Oh and sweet potato fries on the side please.

Steak was made to what I wanted (medium rare), wasn’t too tough, good quality meat. Fries were also good.

Oh we also escargots to start because I haven’t had escargots for a long time.

Overall good meal, told life boss I would take her there one day…but it is a one hour drive from Markham so….I am not sure anymore.

Cool interior
half eaten escargots
our steaks
Guess this is duplicated

Written from Toronto, Home on March 20, 2021

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