Port Severn



Don’t think I have uttered those words in a very, very long time. So happy that we are able to get out of the house, out of the city. What is even better is that I get to post something that is not going to be tagged ” toronto”. Getting sick of it to be honest.

So where did we go? We went to a cottage in Port Severn. Where is Port Severn? I assume in Muskoka (per the internet).

Now I was contemplating if this post should be categorized under Port Severn or Muskoka. After discussions with life boss, it was concluded Muskoka is the region and Port Severn is the town / city. Hence why this post is categorized under Port Severn. If this is wrong, please flame me.

Anyhow, probably will write more about the cottage we went to. This post is about our lunch outing at the Rawley Resort. Yes we eat lunch at resorts.

We fancy huh?

I ordered the burger (what’s new), life boss got a mac and cheese lobster, and we shared duck wings.

Duck wings? Yes -> don’t think I ever had it, so thought we give it a go. Not a big fan of it, not a lot of meat. Not a lot of meat equals Choi not liking the dish.

The burger was alright, patty aws alright, juicy but needs more flavor.

LIfe boss hated her mac and cheese. Pretty bad because how do you mess up mac and cheese.

Trip advisor said this place is really good. I wonder if they were talking about the resort or the restaurant. If it’s about the resort I think i get it. It seems quite nice from the inside. Speaking of which, dying to get a sauna session in…….

Restaurant was okay but we like Port Severn!

Burger + Fries
Mac and Cheese (Lobster?)


Duck Wings

Written from Port Severn, Muskoka, on March 27, 2021

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