Gangnam Style


Last post about Seoul as I am now back in Hong Kong.  (Side note switching to wordpress has re-energize my passion for blogging).


Anyways, this blog is about my visit to Gangnam. I was bored on a Sunday, and realized I never fully visited this famous place (made famous by a Korean singer).  So I took a taxi, and got off the nearest Gangnam Station.

Gangnam is the high end area of Seoul (Think Yorkville of Toronto).  That being said, I think prefer HongDae / Itaewon more over Gangnam.  It’s just more expensive here. It was also the farthest from the hotel, which is probably why I don’t venture out here as much.

At nighttime we went to clubbing.  This club was called Club Octagon I believe right at the bottom of the Hilltop Hotel in Gangnam.  Another gorgeous club.  It was two levels packed with people.  Didn’t like the music again though.  In Asia they are more into the dance / trance stuff…still can’t get into it.  All in all it was a fun night, which ended with us eating a whopper! Haven’t had one of those bad boys in awhile.

Back in Hong Kong now, had a blast working with the Korean team! Hopefully will be back soon.


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  1. Can u tell me how to down load my pics I love your tour will continue to follow

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