Announcement: WordPressing Munky’s Blog!

Moving to WordPress


I have decided to move my blog from Tumblr to wordpress. Tumblr’s been great, as the site was easy to use and navigate. It was also a good social media medium in which i was able to look at pictures of my favourite celebrities, ha ha.

But wordpress seems pretty sleek, so I thought I’d give this a try. Haven’t had much to write about lately, so hopefully the change in environment will help with that.  I also have the option of adding more pages to this site. Will do some brain storming to see what i can do with it.

Trying to organize this blog so that’s more reader friendly. I’ve decided to divide the posts into two main categories: One for travel, and one for random posts that I do when I am bored.
As you can see, my random posts outnumber my travel posts. I probably should change the name of this blog from Munky Travels to Munky’s Randomness.


Spent a whole day just reformatting this blog (I imported it straight from Tumblr so there were some formatting issues to deal with). I must say though wordpress is not as user friendly as oppose to Tumblr in that there are soooooooo many more functions / tools i can use.

Tumblr more or less I just use it to upload pictures. I think wordpress is more for…words……sort of.

Anyways, I realize I am missing a foody section. I will start a foody section and a short description of what i am eating, and where. However, I am not going back in time to do this. Have a short memory. haha. [Edit – I was bored so i went back in time and realized i did write up about two restos. Will make a mental note to keep track of where I am eating next time]
Will be in Hong Kong whole April, so it’s probably the best time to start this section.

Will do it soon.

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