Temple timeeeeeeee.  Bulguksa temple is a UNESCO site situated in Gyeongju.  Therefore when I was visiting Gyeongju this was one of my to do list. Glad I went.

It was raining cats and dogs, but that didn’t deter us from going nor did it take away the magnificence of this place.


But let’s start with the logistics shall we?

I stayed near the bus terminal in Gyeongju, therefore it was easy to hop on a bus.  For those taking public transportation, you can take bus 10 or 11.  Tell the bus driver you want to go to “temple” and they will understand because:

1) You are a foreigner (you don’t speak Korean)

2) Every one goes to the temple.

Upon arrival, you will need to walk a hill for about 10 minutes. Then you will need to pay admission =p well it was under 10USD so whatevs!  This is the front of the temple:


It’s a fairly large temple, so you can spend up to 1 hour to 1.5 hour depending on how fast you walk.  We spent about 1 hour here.  Upon memory, this temple was burnt down many years ago and was rebuilt.  Maybe that’s why the temple was kept so well.

The temples were awesome, naturally:


But what was also more awesome was the pond near the temple.  Very zen.  and peaceful.  and quiet.  and clean.  You know, just like a temple.4

I hope you enjoyed this temple as much as I did =)


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