Chicken and Beer Part 2 is the name of this post because this is the second time I have written about Chicken and Beer in Seoul.  The major difference?  Totally different restaurant.  Problem?  


I finally restored my hunger after a week of almost no eat (almost as I had some fruits for breakfast).  Getting my eating ways back, we decided to have some good ol’ chicken and beer.  I have had chicken and beer in Hong Kong, but for some reason it is so much better in Korea.

Maybe because the one I had in Hong Kong was suppose to be from Korea but since they were based in Hong Kong they probably weren’t as authentic in their chicken and beer as they should.

What a confusing sentence.

The chicken and beer place that we went to is called “Better and Happier choice”.  Not this is not a shady massage parlor.  It’s located in Myeongdong, so for all you shoppers out there you should go eat some protein after you shop.
Although you may not fit into your clothes afterwards.  But who cares.

It’s delicious.

We order chicken, and beer of course.  But this time we mixed the beer with soju.  Yum.

I must say we have to improve our chicken wing ordering skills though.  We ordered about 50 chicken wings and of course we could not finish it (1 guy 2 girls did not stand a chance).  We also should have ordered wings that were more saucy, but eh you learn from it.

Not knowing the language also doesn’t help.  Still.

Chicken and Beer for the win.


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