I have to buy cosmetics.  More on that later.  Looking for a place to shop till your heart’s content?  Well MyeongDong in Seoul is a popular area to do that.  It is one of the main tourist / shopping districts, so you will be able to find almost anything Korean here.

I am talking about cosmetics, food, shoes, clothes, accessories, perfumes, hats etc etc.  Cosmetics is dominant here (we are in Korea afterall), so this is definitely heaven for girls.

Or so I have been told.

My hotel is a 10 minute walk from MyeongDong so I do spend a bit of time here.  I usually come here to eat (Food posts to come on a later time), but I am always impressed by how much different stores are here.

Since I was coming to Korea alone, I had the responsibility to purchase a variety of cosmetics for people back home.  This included “92% aloe vera cream”….wtf.

water proof eye liners…wtf

And….Serums?  The hell is that?

Really, I have no idea what I am buying.  I just hope I buy the right item.  I hope customs don’t check my bags when I cross the border, it’s going to look really weird when they find all these cosmetics…………

Crosses my finger.


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