Ohhhhhhh so mysterious my title of this post.  Well it is definitely a nice small / intimate place to dine in.  It was the last day of our project and we decided to go out in a BANG.  So there we were, at a restaurant called Mr Willis.



This restaurant was also close to a DVD store that well sold fake DVDs (we were in China afterall).  Before we went to dinner we raided the DVD store.  Well more like, I got like 8 movies? All for 15USD? Damn Cheap.  I don’t care, I already did my part in watching movies in the cinema.  So my money is already going to the movie companies and the rich ass stars.


Back to the restaurant.
We ordered the suckling pig, prawns, and scallops.  Oh and Pizza.  Of course.  This was all meant to share, so that’s why we ordered four dishes.


I loved the pizza.  It’s probably # 2 behind Mercato?  It’s not so thin (I have a preference for thicker crusts), and it was really cheesy so I liked it.

The prawns were meh, I dont know.  It wasn’t that good I thought.  The scallops were damn tasty for sure.


The suckling pig was YEAHHHH good shit!! haha.

The verdict? Yes I would come back here =)

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 20 2016

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