Haha, look at that desert.

Doesn’t it look like Donald Trump’s hair?  Not going to get into politics here, but this was one damn good desert.  The desert was called “Honeydew melon, sake granita, passionfruit ice cream, saffron” so yes if you want to release some anger about trump and want to eat his hair or something, come to Bar H.


Bar H is located conveniently near our hotel, about a 15 minute walk.  I didn’t want to drive because, well I was driving everyday to the office.  Just wanted to take it easy you know?  Just wanted to have a drink, and not have to worry about being pulled over and getting ticketed.

If I get ticketed what happens if I don’t pay?  I don’t live here….but as an honest person with integrity I would’ve paid it anyways =p.  And that won’t be good because I am super poor.

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Bar H Dining was opened in October 2010 by Chef Hamish Ingham and wife Sommelier Rebecca Lines. As the name suggests Bar H Dining is a wine bar style eatery, fun and vibrant with a relaxed feel about it. The concept is to offer the finest quality food, beverages and service in a relaxed and informal manner. With a belief in only using the finest, sustainable produce, the seasonal menu at Bar H Dining highlights Hamish’s long love affair with China, his newest love Japan and the indigenous ingredients native to Australia. Hamish takes inspiration from Chuka cuisine, Japanese- style Chinese dishes that are being served in restaurants across Japan.
Bar H Dining is the perfect spot to grab a seat at the bar for a glass of something interesting from a drinks list put together by Rebecca, or sit for a relaxed dinner with friends sharing unique dishes created by Hamish.




The food was good, but again haha that fucking desert is hilarious.  I believe it was cotton candy, but I felt like I was eating air.

We also ordered the duck breast, Sashimi Kingfish (damn delicious), Brusel Sprouts, pork belly and a teriyaki chicken dish.


My favorite was the Sashimi Kingfish.  Can’t really beat sashimi if the Japanese restaurant is reputable.  Freshness in my mouth yo.

Duck breast was aight, as you can tell from the picture it looks like the duck drowned in oil.  Not so healthy.  Oily in my mouth yo.

Brussel Sprouts are brussel spourts.

Brussel Sprouts in my mouth yo.

Pork belly was fucking good.  I wish I had some rice to go with it though.  Damn I am so chinese.  Fucking goodness in my mouth yo.



Overall, really good dining experience.  Its a small restaurant, casual, but with excellent service.  And again, it’s only 15 minutes away from my hotel! SCOREEEEEEEEE.

This post is not making a lot of sense.  I am writing from Hunter Valley, and we had quite a bit of wine…from the wine tasting…=p

Written from Hunter Valley, Crowne Plaza on June 18 2016

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