2017 Ponders


August 1- kind of frustrating

August 4 – decisions, decisions, decisions

August 7 – wow so sick……but great spa at Melo Spa

August 8 – not pooing regularly…….

August 9 – Life Boss is not answering whatsapp!

August 10 – what a long ass week

August 13 – Hong Kong is so hot!

August 14 – Life Boss Chicken Soup was Good!

August 16 – slow ass week

August 17 – it’s so refreshing to wake up early in the morning

August 18 – Payday needs to come faster!

August 20 – Had a delicious lunch. Life boss differs

August 21 – mannn I want to watch mcgregor versus mayweather

August 22 – Hoping for T8 tomorrow..

August 23 – Holy crap T10! Day off! and Kyrie for IT! holy shitttt.

August 24 – Slow day….

August 25 – FRIDAY

August 30 – what happened to my thoughts for the last 4 days?

August 31 – low carb diet going well!

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