Meat sweat is real.

Per google its a mysterious condition which you sweat when you eat too much meat. I know this is real because I experienced it first hand at this restaurant called “Seed” in Bangkok.

I recall I was super hungry that night, so when I sat down I immediately went to the meat section. There was the option of Ribs and Burger, oh man what a decision to make. Ultimately I had to go for the ribs because of the carb problem (trying to maintain a low carb diet). Ordered and the waiter immediately asked if we were going to share the ribs? What? Come on man! This man doesn’t share!

The pictures on the menu made the ribs look small too. So I was full of confidence that I would be able to finish it with no problem!

When it came I was like holy shit, I am so fucked.



These were one of the LARGEST ribs I have ever eaten. These ribs were cooked for 24 hours (so they advertise) over black pepper sauce. Interesting. I never have had black peppered flavor ribs. LOVED IT.

Colleague ordered the duck confit which as also super delicious.


Oh I forgot, we also ordered an appetizer (buratta with smoke ham):


After our meal I was absolutely dying. Sweating all over, couldn’t move, stomach bloated like a motherfucker.

But I still wanted to eat. I wanted something sweet, I loved the black pepper sauce but after the third rib my taste buds were screaming for something different. So we ordered a mango pudding with ice cream desert.




I recommend SEED to anyone that wants to experience meat sweats haha.

In all seriousness, this was a great restaurant. The dishes were all fresh, and well cooked. Thank you for a great time! Untitled



Cool decor



Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 17, 2017


  1. Oh man, haven’t had ribs for months! Gotta try this when we go to Bangkok next week! Did you find anywhere else that does better ribs?

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