Couples Therapy 06. Getting Rid of Bugs

Life Boss says:

I have started to notice a pattern. Based on my not-so-extensive research, it seems that men are more scared of bugs than women are. There has been a few occasions where I have witnessed squealing followed by a quick retreat when bugs appeared (dead or otherwise).

So this begs the question: who should be responsible for getting rid of bugs in the house?

I thought the guy would jump at the chance to prove his macho-ness and go on an exterminating rampage. But boy was I wrong.

Besides, why are bugs scary? They’re teeny tiny and easy to catch as opposed to snakes…and birds!

Choi says:

Yeah…. I can’t do the bugs. They scary as fuckkkkk. Little buggers with a lot of legs and crawling around like they own the damn place.

They don’t own the damn place.

And don’t be sexist. Just because I am a man doesn’t mean I am automatically responsible for the bugs. It has nothing to do with machoness.

It just proves that you are unbelievably cool when killing bugs for me.

Life Boss says:

Yes, I am awesome


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