Why are malls considered an attraction?……..

Really?  Mall of Asia is the 11th biggest mall in the world which is cool, but come on, it’s just a mall!

Haha. Well since it’s an attraction you know I need to blog about it.

Luckily the mall is close to the hotel.

Got in, and I must say not I was not that impressed.

Maybe because it’s just a mall. But like er…what’s so special about it, aside from the size?

I guess the locals love this place though since it was PACKED (Sunday albeit). But yeah…it’s just a mall..and it’s not like the Dubai mall where there is a freaking shark tank….

But we shouldn’t compare this to an oil rich country like UAE either.

Saw a lot of American chains like Krispy Kreme. I might have to pay a visit to my fav donut shop over the weekend. Not good for my diet but just thinking about the deliciousness makes me want to eat that for lunch right now.

Fun Facts

  • 4th largest mall in the Philippine
  • S’Maison is a mall connected to Mall of Asia
  • There is a theme park nearby

Not really fun facts I know. It’s mall, come if you are bored.  That is all.

First glance
Merry Go Round
Not sure what is going on
People everywhere

Written from Manila, Conrad Hotel on September 12, 2017


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