CHILLING BY THE POOL on Sunday afternoon!

Why chill by the pool?! Why the hell not!??

Hell, let’s have lunch by the pool while we bathe in the sun.

That, is exactly what I did during my stay in Manila.

This pool is located in the Conrad Hilton hotel in Manila. It’s near Mall of Asia so you know it’s super nice. I have been told its a 6 star hotel!

Don’t really know what the difference between a 5 star and a 6 star is to be honest…..grew up with 5 star being the max. Now there’s 6, 7 star hotels.

Okay. Whatever. This pool is definitely worth 6 stars!



And what would a kick ass pool be without a kick ass bar!

Too bad I didn’t get any alchy drinks.


Settled for sparkling water. Yeah not sure why, but lately I have been super into sparkling water. It’s a good substitute to pop.  So good for my health.


OKAY so what did I eat for lunch you are wondering?!?!

I got steak! Come on people! Of course I got le steak. Low carb, high protein. Fits right into my current diet.

Steak was good, that’s all you need to know. Highly recommend it if you are here.



Let you in a secret though:

I got a super burned.

Because this man did not wear any sun screen. This man thought he was tough.

It was a mistake.

Wondering why there are no pictures of me in the pool? Simple.

1) Don’t the want the world to see my ugly fat ass

2) I didn’t bring my swimmers.

Yes # 2…what a dumbass I am.

Yep, it was a super CHILL Sunday and I LOVED IT.



Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 20, 2017

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