Hoi An


This is a story of my favorite Banh Mi place in Hoi An.

What is Banh Mi Choi?

It’s one of the BEST sandwiches you will ever have in your life.


Using a traditional Vietnamese baguette, it includes delicious savory ingredients such as pork sausage, ham, pate, coriander, cucumber just to name a few. I am drooling just thinking about it right now.

So what is a man to eat when in Hoi An, Vietnam?


We asked a couple of locals where to find good Banh Mi, and that’s how we ended up at Banh Mi Phuong!


Sat down and no one served us.

What the hell! Choi is hungry! Take his damn order!

That’s when we realized we are supposed to order at the counter first. Thanks.

Thanks for not telling us. Do we look like damn locals to you?

You are Asian Choi..maybe that mistaken you for them.

Fair enough.


Anyhow, we lined up at the counter and order TWO DELICIOUS BANH MI SANDWICHES!

Look at these lovely ladies! They are starting to prepare our DELICIOUS BANH MI SANDWICHES.

I couldn’t wait to devour this, was so hungry staring at these lovely ladies making my sandwich.

Make my sandwich!


The Banh Mi then came.



I devoured it. It was so damn good.

Life Boss?

Life boss disagrees. She said she had better.

How is that possible? We didn’t even have any Banh Mi in Hoi An! This was the first time we had it.

Probably because she loves that shit and has had it before. 


Well. Too bad. This is to Choi, the BEST Banh Mi in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Disclaimer: We only went to one Banh Mi Place in Hoi An haha. But that’s all you really need to go to anyways.

Choi’s favorite Banh Mi place!



Written from Piran, PachaMama on July 3, 2018


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