Life Boss doesn’t always talk to Choi.

And when she does, she finds a way to beat down his manhood because Life Boss doesn’t give a fuck what he thinks!


How does Life Boss beat down Choi with her words? Let’s visit back a conversation that was had when I was slaved by vacationing with life boss in Mandalay.

Life Boss: “Choi, you like reading right”

Choi shocked at the revelation of Life Boss actually talking to him, quietly said “Yes…I do“.

Life Boss: “Why do you like to read so much?

Choi: “It eases my mind, let’s my imagination run wild, and just relaxes me”

Life Boss: “You like to read Sci Fi?”

Choi: “Yes”

Life Boss: “So basically books for children because they are not realistic books”.

Choi “okay…”

Life Boss: “Stupid books. Speaking of stupid, do you know where the largest book is in the world?”

Choi: “Err..I don’t know”

Life Boss: “Dumb ass, I knew you wouldn’t know. Let me take you there now”.

And just like that, with my shattered manhood (once again) Life Boss dragged me to the world’s largest book.

So where is the largest book in the World Choi?

Seriously, if you haven’t figured it out by now then you are also a dumbass.


There is a reason why this post is filed under Mandalay.

So yes smart ass, the world’s largest book is in Mandalay!

Now to the real question, WHERE in Mandalay is the book located?

Any guesses? Any? Mmm..pretty dumb of me to ask this since I am not really talking to you guys live. 

Okay, I am 316 words in and still haven’t gotten to the meat of this post haha.

So the largest book in the world is located at the Kuthodaw Pagoda!

Before we go any further,

I have another useless thing to tell you.

The day we went to the Pagoda Choi was starting to get ill, like usual. So he probably didn’t get to enjoy it as much as he should. But the pagoda looked beautiful still.  It probably didn’t help that he had to take his shoes and socks off, which is a total bitch because the ground was hot as fuck from the sun.


About Kuthodaw Temple and the largest books.




The Pagoda was built long time ago by King Mindon and is located near Mandalay Hill. It’s supposed to be old, but like most temples and Pagodas nowadays it all looks super new because of restoration initiatives. I am a bit sad and happy on this fact. Sad because I don’t really get to see what it used to really look like back then.

Happy though, because if there was no restorations performed that we probably won’t even get to see the Pagoda now.

The Pagoda is also surrounded white stone tablets that depicts Buddhism scriptures. Choi was damn impressed about when he saw it, even though he didn’t even know there were scriptures. He was damn impressed with the architecture itself already.




Books of Buddhism Scripture. I wish I could read it, though couldn’t because it was all in burmese!

World’s largest book in the world! Worth a visit!

Written from Hong Kong, Mira Moon Hotel on June 10, 2018

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