Are you vacationing in Mandalay?

Are you with your significant other?

Do you want to get super romantic?

Then there’s only one place you should bring them to in Mandalay.


You need to bring them to the beautiful U Bein Bridge.


This beautiful teakwood bridge is one of the oldest in the world.

Spanning 1.2 KM, you can definitely have a good romantic walk here. You know do the whole holding hands, looking to each others eyes kinda shit. The romantic shit.


The kind of shit that makes Choi want to gag. Like why do girls like this stuff so much?

Life boss is always like “Why aren’t you more loving” or “Why don’t we hold hands more”.

Women! It’s 100 degrees outside, if we have any more skin contact then we are gonna get stuck together. But life boss probably doesn’t give a shit. She’s life boss.


What’s worse is she wanted to see the sunset (which is supposedly the must do here).

Well fuck my life because it’s only 5PM. There ain’t no sunset right now.

Life Boss : “Then we wait.”

And that’s what we did.

At least I got to take some sexy photos while waiting.




We saw a lot of monks walking on the bridge and under the bridge while waiting. It was kind of funny because all the monks had iphones, cameras etc. I guess even monks need to go on vacation right?

I seriously wanted to take a picture with them but knowing from our Laos trip I should not be a complete asshole.

So I just creeped and took a picture from afar haha.



While having a romantic walk below the bridge, I saw this dumbass kid ride his motorbike into the river. He was surprised when the bike stopped working.


Yo of course that shit is gonna stop working, you dumb or something? The bike needs gasoline and fire to work. You just doused it with water. Dumb shit. He had to backtrack back to the road in which I proceeded to take an embarrassing photo of him.

Bike in water

I shouldn’t laugh too hard though, I did a lot of stupid shit when I was young with my asshole friends as well.

After what seemed like an eternity, Life Boss looked me into the eyes and softly said “Look at the sunset”.

I’ve never heard her voice so soft before, thought it was a different person. Anyways I should stop here before I get my ass kicked (Life boss tends to hack into my wordpress account and read all the drafts).


Ah. The sexy sunset.

Mentioned this in my previous posts [Dubai and the mandalay hills sunset post], we love the sunset.

It’s so emotionally calm for me. And I guess its romantic for life boss though if you are wondering if we did some titantic pose on the bridge with the sunset in the background I can tell you fuck no, Choi ain’t into that.

But the iconic image of the sunset behind the U Bein Bridge was damn worth it.







Yes. I took a lot of photos. I did wait for 2 hours for this shit so you know, I better make sure I get enough of it. Otherwise I be super pissed.

So you guys like it? Think it’s romantic? Want brownie points from your significant other?

And most importantly want to get lucky that night?

Come to the U Bein Bridge

Note – I didn’t get lucky that night so I guess I should have held her hand after all.



Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 12, 2018

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