Back in March, I went with le father to visit my roots.

And when I say roots, I mean the place where my family originated (i.e. grand father’s father’s father’s father).  Le father actually remembered the area where they used to live, so we went back to pay our respects to our ancestors. In this area there is a Qinyun temple which you could say it’s our “ancestral temple”.


But Choi, why should I reconnect with my roots?


Well, let Choi tell you HIS 4 reasons why you should go back and reconnect with your roots.

# 1 – To remember them


Remember, without them there will be no you. In my opinion it’s important to remember your history. Yes the future is important, but how can we know where to go, if we don’t know where we came from right?

Wow, that’s emo. 


2 – Know where you came from

Aren’t you interested in where your grand parents came from? And technically and indirectly where you came from?

If you have a curious mind like me, then reconnecting to your roots is something you should do!


3 – Chance to bond with your parents

Let’s be honest. In our daily busy lives, how often do we get to bond with our parents?

How often do we get to sit down, and ask about their past? About THEIR parents? How they grew up?

I for one am guilty on this. So being able to go to Chaozhou / Shantou to reconnect with le father was definitely awesome.



4 – It’s probably going to be a memorable vacation

Yes – going to an all inclusive resort with your friends is always a kick ass time.

But let me tell you, going back to my ancestral home definitely ranks on my top 5 all time travel memories list. Just to stand in the same area of where my great grand parents lived was wonderful and something I will not forget any time soon.


I hope I have persuaded you about the benefits of exploring your roots.

Remember, life is short so travel while you are still physically able to. Go ahead and explore your ancestral home!


People just chilling
So chill
Kids playing
Guy with his three huge ass incense
Le father being silly

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 4, 2018

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