Hey what the hell!

Why are all my pictures sideways? I tried to rotate it many times, using HTML etc. Argh. Don’t know why its like this. I did take it from my iphone so maybe that’s why my pictures are so fucked up? I don’t know. I was going to bring my go pro / camera but online it says these are forbidden, and they may even confiscate it. I see. Not going to risk losing my damn go pro and camera.

fuck that
Anyhow, it was GAME 5 between the leafs and bruins. I have never been to a hockey play off game before so I was super excited when life boss allowed me to buy tickets to attend. And man were those tickets ever fucking expensive. I thought the tickets would have been super cheap since the perception is Americans hate hockey. Not here in Boston! But at least it was cheaper than Toronto….


Our tickets were super damn good!

Super close to the rink.

Also, I must say the atmosphere at Boston is so much better than Toronto.

At the ACC (yes I call it ACC) it would be quiet as hell since it’s all corporate now. Not in Boston. The crowd was rowdy, loud, they were chanting. Atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Kudos to you Boston fans! How I wish Toronto had the same….this is probably why I think the Raptor games are better than Leafs game live…

That being said this game brought me back into Hockey. There was a period in time when I preferred NBA over the NHL. But man this game, hard hits, the speed, the intensity. So good. You don’t get that in an NBA Play off game. So NHL, I am back!


Oh, also the Pizza at the TD Garden was DAMN amazing. Not like the shitty, soggy pizza you get at the ACC. The pizza was also huge. Even life boss was impressed by the pizza and she HATES pizza. Good on you TD Garden!

Really great experience! I hope I will be able to attend more play off games in the future. The Leafs also won this game! Too bad they lost fucking game 7….sigh.

oh well

Written from Toronto, Home on April 27, 2019

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