Another episode of life boss wanting to break my knees.

This time we decided to hike on the “Path of the Gods“. That is a pretty epic name. I think Life Boss is beginning to feel bad for my knees because she chose the route that is supposed to have the less impact on our knees. Aka going downhill instead of going uphill. To accomplish this we had to take a ferry to another town and then bus it to the top of the mountain. This way we could walk downhill all the way to Positano.

Though this was easier on our hearts, I am not 100% convinced this is better for our knees. Per the advice from the old people (aka our parents) going downhill incurs greater impact on your joints.  So we probably were better off going up hill (i.e. start from Positano). But we are lazy fuckers. Plus, this hike is over 3 hours so if you started from the other side you would have been climbing up stairs for 80% of the time. That ain’t fun. But enough complaining. You absolutely must go on this hike, because the views are simply breath taking!

Start of our path
Gorgeous Views
Yep we hiked this shit
Side views
Blue skies
life boss!

Written from Positano, Italy on October 22, 2019

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