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A Toronto boy dedicating his life to unprofessional reviews of meals and travels.

  • Thank You All!

    To all my friends that made the past 26 years crazy. Thank you. To all those I have lost touch with, you still played a big part in my life.  Thank you. To all my mentors that shape me who… Read More ›

  • Live your life

    Live your life Fight your own fight Set your mind on your goal Don’t ever say no You answer to yourself Not someone else You are you If they say “Nah son” Fuck em and show em how it’s done… Read More ›

  • Missing..Something

    Missing Missing can be used to describe the void you have to fill in your life. Missing can also be used to describe the reflection of a positive moment in the past in which you have experienced. I hope you… Read More ›


    Me and my friend at Origin As a result of Lebron winning a ring this year, I had to treat my friend to a dinner of her choice.  I really don’t like Lebron.  I hope the Lakers take it all… Read More ›

  • Bad Beats in Poker

    This is a poker pro This is my friend poker pro. I think aside from trying to win money, having a good time while playing is equally important. Anyways. The main game I play is Sit and Gos. These are… Read More ›


    The restaurant Just finished a poker session.  Took another 36 bucks out =) Not bad for a 1 hour session eh?? Anyways, going to write about my experience at Canoe. Canoe is one of the restaurants that I have wanted… Read More ›

  • Emma Stone

    and the amazing spiderman Ok first of all, I know I am behind in my movies. But this is not going to stop me from putting my two cents on this film. I got a haircut today.  It was 3:30PM… Read More ›

  • Unemployed

    Last Day Tomorrow is my last day at work. It’s been a great year.  Met a lot of people whom I learned a lot from. However, after tomorrow I am going to be off for three weeks!!!! (before I head… Read More ›

  • Moving to HK

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong I am moving to HK! I am not sure how long I will stay there for. The current plan is to assess whether I like working / living there after a year. If I don’t, I’ll… Read More ›

  • Turning Poker Pro

    Gambling God Chow Yun Fat in the God of Gamblers is so damn cool!! Okay so I was able to get another post in this week.  I lied in my prior post. So lately I’ve racked up quite a bit… Read More ›