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A Toronto boy dedicating his life to unprofessional reviews of meals and travels.

  • Turning Poker Pro

    Gambling God Chow Yun Fat in the God of Gamblers is so damn cool!! Okay so I was able to get another post in this week.  I lied in my prior post. So lately I’ve racked up quite a bit… Read More ›

  • Short Story – “Subway Stop”

    Him ..and there she was sitting across from him on the subway.  She was pretty. This instantly made him nervous. He did not see himself as an attractive guy. He’s always been shy around girls.  But this time, it will… Read More ›

  • Cookie Town

    North Sioux City Me working hard at the client site in North Sioux City.  Accounting is dangerous, need hard caps! One of the main things I enjoy about work is the ability to travel.  The highlight was definitely barbados, where… Read More ›

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    Wrote this a while back, but thought I share this with everyone on the internet.  I randomly came across the following video, and I’m feeling the need to provide my own two pennies on the matter. Hey, don’t ever let somebody… Read More ›

  • Lady in Red

    Beautiful Ladies Oh My Goodness.  It’s. So. HOT.  In Toronto!!!!  Got to suck it up though.  Summer better than winter right?! My AC actually broke down the other day.  I was sweating while I was sleeping.  It was not a… Read More ›

  • Disappearing Animals….?

    Where the animals be? On July 9, 2012 we had a team building event for work, in which we decided to use this opportunity to visit the Toronto Zoo to get educated.  Overall it was a fun day, (not to mention we had… Read More ›

  • Head Gear

    SONG JI HYO is so cute…. I really like her hats on the show running man…here’s a couple more pictures: For those that don’t know, shes a korean actress.  She’s also on the game show called Running Man (pretty popular… Read More ›

  • Holiday

    CANADA DAY Hope everyone had an enjoyable long Canada day weekend!! Apparently it was the country’s 145th birthday. I should read up more on Canada’s history, so that when someone asks me about the country I can at least tell… Read More ›

  • What’s for lunch?

    FOOD FOOD FOOD! Hahaha I love this meme.  Please don’t get offended my vegetarian friends..just found this to be quite funny. All fun and games =p I was writing a real estate related article, was 1/3 way and kinda side… Read More ›

  • Left Post

     Left handedness Let me start off by saying, I am not left handed.  I was not born with the preference of using my left hand.  I did not break my right hand when I was young forcing me to use… Read More ›