This Thai restaurant, has “good taste”. hahahahahha, crack myself up.  Talking to myself too.  You’re probably worried by now, alright let’s talk about food because that’s what this post should be about.

Because there’s so much women in my life (hahahahhaa) I was due for a good old, boys night out. And boys night out is what we did.  The buddy chose this EXCELLENT Thai restaurant at Sheung Wan Wet Market, located at:

CF23, 2/F Sheung Wan Market, 345 Queens Road, Sheung Wan

Was not hard to find, but because I am an idiot in directions it took me longer than usual.  Sat down, order the usual beer.  I didn’t choose the food, electing to have the experts choose.  Good decision, on my part.

First dish up, rice:


I was told this is some sort of weird rice fused with shrimp, and I guess pork sausages?  Yah this was good, but not as good as the next dish:


Pad thai was magnificent.  I am a big supporter of pad thai because it just tastes so damn good.  The portion is enough for about 2 people, but with three guys we killed it in 3 nano seconds.  I think next time, if I want to eat some good thai food by myself I will just come here and order Pad Thai.


Downer of the group.  Not because it tasted like crap, but because a lot of the shells were not opened which meant they were not thoroughly cooked.  Not a big seafood guy so it didn’t affect me as much.  next.


Veggies.  Nextttttt.


CURRY BEEF.  Champion.  Super champion when mixed with rice (aka see the first dish).  Love it.  If I don’t order pad thai I will order this and rice, I promise.  To myself.

But since there were three hungry guys we decided to devour all the carbs in this meal.


The place itself is not ghetto, but it’s not a place you want to bring your date too.  Or maybe I can……….Mmmmm..will make for an interesting experience.

I need a date first though.

Cools, check out this resto if you are around the area!!



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  1. Planning a trip to Hong Kong later this year, so it’s great to find some honest, detailed reviews of some places to eat. Thanks for sharing your experiences

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