Gold Coast


The plan was to head to gold coast to catch some sun at the beach.  But of course we had to take a detour, and go shopping at Harbor town.  More like the girls went shopping.  As the driver, I had no choice but to comply.  Which doesn’t make sense, if I was the driver I should be able to say no right?  But gentlemen is my middle name, so we went there and I waited patiently with a beer one hand, and harry potter (yes I am reading HP)  on my other hand.

Spent a good, solid two hours there.  The waitresses probably was wondering what is up with this dude, just drinking beer and not ordering any food, whilst reading harry potter.




Anyways, for your shopping people there are a lot of brands at this outlet mall, you can check it out yourself by visiting this site:

I saw Adidas and Nike.  Don’t recall any of the other stores because I didn’t do any shopping.  I shop when I have a need.  And at that time, I did not have a need.


I am just posting random pictures of the mall because there is really nothing I have to add.  It’s an outlet mall. You purchase things.  So I am sorry that this post is a no value add post lol.  But I like to write, and I will continue to write what I like.

That sort of felt like a rap.

Here’s a cool fountain at the mall:


They also had like a market, where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits.  Too bad I am on a meat and beer diet right now otherwise I would’ve gotten some to chew on on the drive back.


That is all.



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