It was a chilly Saturday afternoon, what better way to spend it then to go to a nearby market? after some googling we decided to go to the Paddington Market which opens only on Saturdays, from 10Am to 4PM.


We went after lunch, which means we still had a good 2 hours at the market, which in my opinion is all you need.  They sell a lot of stuff here, ranging from clothes to bread to plants to candles.  Being the avid candle lover that I am now (haha) I bought a cucumber line coconut smelling candle.  Smells really good. Can’t wait to light it.


3Walked around and also saw there were food stands.  One of the foods stands were selling sausages…so I had to do it (even after I had a big lunch).  The sausage came with tomato salsa, mushrooms and onions.  It was alright.  Not the best sausage that I had.  But of course I am comparing this to the ones in Toronto (yes not biased at all).

All in all, was a nice walk.  Recommend this if you have nothing to do, but not sure if I will come again this trip.  Already bought my candle…..

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on August 15 2015


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