Omggg….so jet lagged. I was in Toronto when typing this post out.  The 12 hour difference is killing me.  I want to sleep at 3PM and I want to eat dinner at 5AM.

And you know what sucks?  There is not a lot of eatery that is opened at 4 – 5 AM in Toronto -.-

Luckily for me, my brain remembered there was a local all day breakfast eatery just about 15 minutes from my place.  Win.  Got my brand new banana republic jacket and off I went, into the cold in search of food.


And food is what I got.  The first day I was a monster, I ordered the chicken souvlaki dinner at 5AM.  The waitress looked at me for a few seconds.  I think I got judged at the moment, but I don’t care because I was damn hungry.

It was not the best souvlaki chicken dinner that I’ve had, but I was damn hungry so nothing really mattered.


I came here for a second time a few days later (this time was more reasonable, around 6AM).  I got the chicken breast, with scrambled eggs, toast and potatoes.  Now that’s more of a breakfast I can brag about it and not get judged.  The breast was not bad, thought a bit dry still.


The website if you happen to be in town and want to learn more about this place.  It’s been around for awhile I think so I guess it should be decent?  Just jot this place down you jet laggers.

Written from Chicago, Hyatt Lodge on December 7 2015


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