So I managed to book a horrible hotel in Hanoi.   when we got in it just didn’t felt right, so after 15 minutes of stressing out we decided to just check out of the crappy hotel, and go to the Sofitel instead.

One of the more famous hotels, and of course one of the more expensive hotels.  400USD per night….but it’s all good.  we are on vacation.  The hotel is super nice, so I recommend it if your budget allows.


We strategically booked a place that was close to the old quarters because, well there’s all the action is.  It’s so much more busy than the outskirts of Hanoi, which makes sense.  There are also a lot of honking going on there, so maybe bring you should bring your ear phones and listen to some music.

Or, you just take in the experience.

Enough blabbing.  At the center of Old Quarters, lies a lake called the Hoan Kiem Lake.  It’s really popular, and quite nice at night.  In Vietnam turtles are widely revered by the locals, because of it’s life longevity?  That only makes sense.  I was told that at this lake, there are turtles around.  I didn’t see any.  Upon reviewing wikipedia, they are endangered.  I only hope that there is still some in the lake.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 12 2016

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