Well I guess you won’t always hit the best places to eat when on vacation.  It’s like life, nothing is 100% smooth.  You will always hit bumps along the road….and for this particular day the bump in my life was this place that sold Vermicelli Dish with pork.   It’s suppose to be “really” good.  I put “really” in quotation marks meaning it’s not really good.  Or maybe my taste buds was not accustomed to it?


I mean it was really local.  But the sauce and pork was really bland?  It is because I am a foreigner so it doesn’t taste as good?  Or maybe because I am a foreigner so I don’t really know how to appreciate such a dish.

I should make some more Vietnamese friends so I can better evaluate the dishes I am eating.

Also what is this place called? I don’t even know.  What is this dish called?  I don’t know.  I wonder what people think when they read my posts, it’s not really informative lol.  It’s just a bunch of blablablbalb from the top of my mind.

But it’s fun to write.  Have been a bit lazy lately on my blog but going to try and pick it up again.



Written from Seoul, Westin on January 23 2016


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