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A Toronto boy dedicating his life to unprofessional reviews of meals and travels.

  • Why you are the king of the world

    Your world Yah, just chilling at home at the moment.  Finally got broadband internet installed. Watching NBA while typing this so may have some typos. Watching a laker game.  For kobe.  Kobe’s a beast.  Loooove kobe. but why are we so… Read More ›

  • New Home

    Mah New Digs Ah been so busy this week moving.  For those that dont’ know, I’ve moved to my final home in Kwun Tong.  It’s a nice little place, but it still needs to be furnished. It’s not as quiet… Read More ›

  • How to be a good landlord

    Landlord Although I am renting my current place in HK, I have a place that I am renting out in Toronto.  So I guess you could say I can see both sides. As such, there’s a couple of things that… Read More ›

  • Random Blurb

    Random Post Well, I am sitting in a mall at Hung Hom typing this. I have no broadband internet at home, and I am killing my mobile bandwidth so I have to do this outside. One of the more convenient… Read More ›

  • Obama Wins, but our system is still broken

    OBAMA WINS! So it was the US elections today.  Obama wins again.  I didn’t even have to turn on CNN to see the results.  My facebook was flooded with Obama win comments. I don’t follow US politics closely, so I… Read More ›

  • Update on Munky

    Update Alright, I’d thought I take the time to give an update on my progress in HK. So far so good! Home It’s official.  I am moving to my new place in Kwun Tong on November 20, 2012!I’m really excited… Read More ›

  • CPA, CA – Merger Talks

    Merger As some of you know, I am a Chartered Accountant.  This is one of the three accounting designations in Canada. Recently there were talks of the merger.  Actually the talks have been ongoing for the last year and a… Read More ›

  • John Farrell made the right decision

    John Ferrell gets traded to the Boston Red Sox As you know, John Farrell was the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, and was “traded” to the Boston Red Sox. This post is not whether the move makes BoSox better,… Read More ›

  • Nothing Lasts Forever

    Nothing Lasts Forever Life does not last forever Life will end Money does not last forever Life will end Family does not last forever Life will end Love does not last forever Life will end Friendship does not last forever… Read More ›

  • Managing Job Search Stress

    Job Search Well, I officially started my job search in HK.  It is now in full gear.  Must say, this is quite stressful.  More stressful than I previously thought.  I’m trying to juggle between finding the right job / finding… Read More ›