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A Toronto boy dedicating his life to unprofessional reviews of meals and travels.

  • What If??

    Live without regrets Someone posted this and I watched, very inspirational.  Telling us to live and love as hard as we can without regrets. Travel, laugh, learn, observe, constantly challenge yourself.  What is extremely true is one day this will… Read More ›

  • Spur of the moment

    Now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man


    View from MacLehose Trail Woke up early this morning (it’s a saturday) to go hiking with coworkers.  Went to the Choi Hung station, took the mini bus to the Sai Kung Pier.  from there took a taxi to our starting… Read More ›

  • Welcome 2014!

    Happy 2014! I got a lot of these on my whatsapp.  Hope everyone had a good NYE party.  For me, i went to my coworkers place. Played a lot of poker, and ended up losing. Goood thing the MTR was… Read More ›

  • Merry Christmas!

    Christmas Tree =p Merry Christmas! Hope you all spent it all with your loved ones. Toronto’s power went out for two days.  Hope you all survived it will. It’s been busy on my end, haven’t been able to write a… Read More ›

  • Music – Beautiful Pain

    Eminem – Beautiful Pain Yesterday was the tornado warning, today is like the morning after Your world is torn in half. You wake and let’s wait to start the morning process Rebuilding and you’re still a work in progress. Today… Read More ›

  • Event! Mickey D – Kid Marathon in Hong Kong

    At Happy Valley: Participated in the Mickey D kid marathon on saturday.  wouldn’t really say it’s a marathon, the distance was about 2KM only.  But it was a very nice day, weather was nice. It was being held at Happy… Read More ›

  • True Say

    True Quote Words to live by lately.

  • Sire ma..and other stuff

    Sire Ma, HK Actress Yes. She is on the current drama “Will Power”.  I think shes super cute.  Don’t hate. Anyways. I need to pick my posts up.  averaging one post a week. baddd. having a writers block though…really don’t… Read More ›

  • Oktoberfest!

    German Festival with friends in Hong Kong My first time ever at Oktoberfest! I don’t know why I never went to this festival when I was in toronto.  Probably because I was too lazy. But dam it was fun! Had… Read More ›