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  • Announcement: WordPressing Munky’s Blog!

    Moving to WordPress Allo! I have decided to move my blog from Tumblr to wordpress. Tumblr’s been great, as the site was easy to use and navigate. It was also a good social media medium in which i was able… Read More ›


    In seoul now.  How i love this city.  Took the red eye from hK (1AM) and arrived at 530 in the morning.  Didnt get to the hotel till 7AM, and found out my room was not ready yet. They sent… Read More ›


    One of my favourite places to visit on Earth. Maybe because I like to play poker. Or maybe because everything you think is weird in this world, is normal here. It’s also party central. Was here for vacation with a… Read More ›

  • Heading back to HK!

    At the Toronto Pearson Airport Lounge well that was a fast 3 weeks! Spent two weeks in Toronto, One week in Chicago. Both were collddddddd. I heard hong kong is cold too..just checked the weather forecast, its 17 degrees. that’s… Read More ›


    Chicago – Bulls Game In Chicago this week. It is super cold here….haven’t dont much so far as the office is quite far from downtown.  Managed to catch the bulls / hawks game though.  Was hoping to catch the brooklyn… Read More ›

  • Chinese New Years!

    Lion Dance Team Happy Chinese New Year! Landed in Toronto last friday, main reason was for the new year.  Did a couple of lion dance runs yesterday and today.  Super tired, is also why I have not moved from my… Read More ›

  • What If??

    Live without regrets Someone posted this and I watched, very inspirational.  Telling us to live and love as hard as we can without regrets. Travel, laugh, learn, observe, constantly challenge yourself.  What is extremely true is one day this will… Read More ›

  • Spur of the moment

    Now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man


    View from MacLehose Trail Woke up early this morning (it’s a saturday) to go hiking with coworkers.  Went to the Choi Hung station, took the mini bus to the Sai Kung Pier.  from there took a taxi to our starting… Read More ›

  • Welcome 2014!

    Happy 2014! I got a lot of these on my whatsapp.  Hope everyone had a good NYE party.  For me, i went to my coworkers place. Played a lot of poker, and ended up losing. Goood thing the MTR was… Read More ›